Less Than Truckload Versus Full Truckload Deliveries

When you choose to ship your cargo via truck, you must be prepared to consider whether you are dealing with a full truckload delivery or one that is less than full. The answer to that question will make a very real difference when it comes to determining shipment options and prices.

Full Truckload

A full truckload delivery is generally considered the standard. For this reason, if your load is large enough to be considered full, you should have very little trouble finding an appropriate transportation solution. In many cases, a full load is the default and so you won’t even need to consider asking for separate information on full versus less than truckload options.

Less Than Truckload

If you are trying to move a smaller load, though, things are a bit different. In this case you need to know the exact specifications of your load in order to find an appropriate transport option. Many companies prefer to accept only full loads and so you will need to inquire more closely in order to find someone to carry your less than truckload shipments. This can be both more difficult and more expensive, but there are options out there. You simply need to be proactive about finding them.

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