How More Ocean Shipping Companies Are Going Green

Many companies in Canada and around the world are concerned about the carbon footprint that they are leaving on the world especially if they are using ocean shipping solutions.

Ocean shipping companies are now going green to reduce their carbon footprint and do their part to save the environment. The changes that many ocean shipping companies are making don’t always have to do with upgrading their fleets with more environmentally friendly ships, engines or other green solutions. Many of the changes that ocean shipping companies have made recently are so simple that it’s easy to wonder why they weren’t made years ago.

Slowing Down

One of the best ways that ocean shipping companies are able to cut emissions is by slowing down. This simple change has helped many companies cut emissions by as much as 25%. Not only will slowing down help to cut emissions it also helps ocean shipping companies to save on their fuel costs as well.

Other major change that ocean shipping companies have made are switching from using diesel generators to electric generators, experimenting with sails and solar technology to allow engines to slow down while speeding up deliver time. The savings from these changes are allowing many companies pass that savings on down to their customers and make their companies more competitive.

Changes In Emission Standards

Many countries are doing more research to set new emission standards. Countries such as Canada and the United States have drafted regulations that require ships to use fuels that contain less than one percent sulfur by next year and then less than 0.1% by the year 2015. These new regulations will help to reduce harmful particulate matter and any airborne pollutants by as much as 90%.

Transporting goods by ocean freight shipping is considered to be one of the cleanest forms of transportation right now even beating out air, rail and ground shipping. This is made possible thanks to the huge volume that is able to be shipped at one time on an ocean freighter.

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