How To Find The Right Shipping Company

Are you considering hiring a shipping company to pick up and deliver your goods? You’re not alone. Many people in Canada have been forced to consider alternative forms of shipping recently after the Postal Strike cost Canadians hundreds of millions of dollars.

Many Affordable Shipping Solutions Online

Before choosing just any shipping company every consumer should go online to search for shipping solutions and get quotes from at least five shipping companies.

To make sure that they get the best quote possible consumers should call the customer service department of the shipping company that they choose to make sure that they picked the right freight class for their shipments because freight class can be the difference between paying a few hundred dollars more or less per shipment.

Double Check Your Load

It doesn’t matter if you’re shipping a load by land; sea or air it’s important to check your load and verify that it’s packed safely and securely because anything can happen during transport and the only way to insure what you’re shipping will get from Point A to Point B safely is to pack securely.

If you’re shipping items that can easily break during transport make sure that you use bubble wrap or place wadded up newspapers around your items to insure that they have plenty of padding when picked up and loaded from one truck to another. It’s also important to label any boxes that are fragile so whoever picks them up with treat your items with extra special care.

Give The Driver A Hand

If you’re shipping from your business or home it’s important to make sure that you meet the driver when he or she pulls up in their truck and if possible help the driver load your shipment just to insure that it’s as easy as possible for the driver to pick up and get your load delivered.

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