LTL Shipping – An Affordable Alternative To The Canadian Postal Service

Thanks to the recent postal strike in Canada more and more Canadians were forced to seek out alternative methods for sending and receiving mail, packages and even freight. One of the shipping solutions that many Canadians have been using more as an alternative to the postal service is LTL Shipping.

What Is LTL Shipping?

LTL shipping stands for Less Then Truck Load. With this method of shipping consumers in Canada can ship freight and other items anywhere in Canada or to the United States and Mexico without having to pay for the full space in a truck or van.

Know Your LTL Classes

The rate that a consumer pays when choosing an LTL shipper is all related to their shipping class. There are eighteen different classes that range from fifty to five hundred. Each class is determined by four categories: density, handling, liability and stow ability.

When your LTL carrier assigns a lower class to your shipment that means that it’s going to be easier for them to pick up and deliver your shipment to its destination.

How To Save Money With LTL Shipping

There are a wide variety of ways to save money with LTL shipping but the most important of all is to contact the customer service department of the LTL company that you choose and ask them for a rate over the phone. Sometimes it’s easy for consumers to pick the wrong shipping class when they book shipments online and pay more for a shipment then they actually should.

Another way consumers can save money with LTL shipping is to make the shipment as easy as possible for the driver to pick up and deliver because anytime a shipping company has to account for special circumstances they will always charge a consumer more money for that shipment.

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